Dakota Air, Basin entertain 700 in Jamestown

Who listens to Merrill Piepkorn every morning on 91.5 FM’s Prairie Public? This girl does. I listen even during weeks like these when broadcasters trade their radio hats for fundraising ones. I long for the days when I can afford to donate to the wonderful news-gatherers of the world and taste the delicious chocolates they offer as incentive to those who give $120 or more. Maybe next year, NPR…

My favorite of Merrill’s are his Dakota Datebooks. I love the stories and the scandals, especially this one of the controversial gambling and alcohol-drinking at an Edgeley pool hall circa 1911. When the city demanded the owner close the pool hall’s doors, the owner then ran for city commission. His pool hall reopened after his successful campaign. Isn’t history fun??

So imagine my surprise to learn Merrill Piepkorn was in JAMESTOWN at an event sponsored by our dear friends and Basin Electric Cooperative! And imagine my dismay too: How could I MISS that??

According to Basin, “Once a month, the show takes the stage in towns ranging from Bismarck and Jamestown, to smaller towns like Hazen and Wishek. Each show is tailored to the host city. ‘When we’re in Hazen in coal country, we’ll do some coal mining songs. When we’re in Bismarck, of course, we did more shows about state government,’ Piepkorn says.”

What a treat! I’m sorry I wasn’t there.

Never fear though, Basin documented parts of the show so even if we couldn’t attend that evening, we can watch form the comfort of our computers.

Thanks Basin! And next time, let us know if you’re in town 🙂


Rural electric cooperatives, Ronald McDonald put smiles on children’s faces

Rural electric cooperatives in western N.D. are literally putting smiles on children’s faces. They, along with the Ronald McDonald House, combined resources to provide dental care for little ones whose families can’t afford it.

(As a benefactor of Ronald McDonald House generosity myself, I can testify to the wonderfulness of that organization!)

Ronald McDonald’s Car Mobile, a tour-bus-sized caravan with all the items found in a traditional dentist’s office, will provide care to children in that area beginning in February.

Rural electric cooperatives partner to bring smiles to western N.D.

The service is important, said Mary Klecker-Green, communications manager at Basin Electric Power Cooperative, not only to protect smiles and reduce bad breath, but also because poor dental health can lead to poor physical health as well.

The Office of the Surgeon General under the department of Health and Human Services, would agree with her.

“(Oral diseases) can affect our ability to eat, the foods we choose, how we look, and the way we communicate. These diseases can affect economic productivity and compromise our ability to work at home, at school, or on the job,” the office said in its National Call to Action to Promote Oral Health in spring 2003.

Our hats off to Ronald McDonald House, Basic Electric Cooperative as well as KEM Electric Cooperative, Linton, McKenzie Electric Cooperative, Watford City, and Slope Electric Cooperative, New England, who partnered to provide the care.

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