How to $ave: An old refrigerator can eat up energy, money

An old refrigerator can eat up energy and money

Does this sound familiar? You bought a new ENERGY STAR-qualified refrigerator and moved your old fridge to the garage or basement to keep a few drinks cold. Here’s a tip to can help you save energy and money.

Old refrigerators, especially those more than 17 years old, tend to use a lot of energy. A refrigerator bought before 1993 uses more than twice as much energy as a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator. So you’re spending a lot of money to keep that refrigerator running. What’s more, refrigerant wears out and seals start to leak over time, causing a decline in the performance of an older refrigerator.

If you have moved your old refrigerator to an uninsulated location, such as a garage, it will use even more energy during hot weather. A fridge in a 90 degree environment, for example, uses nearly 50% more energy than one in a 70 degree environment. And if the temperature falls below about 40 degrees in the winter, the refrigerator’s thermostat may not run its cooling and defrost cycles for the appropriate amount of time.

So just by pulling the plug on that old refrigerator, you can save a lot of money each year.

For other tips on how to save energy—and money—visit Touchstone Energy’s energy-saving website or call the energy experts at Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative. Find out how the little changes add up at


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Father, son convicted of stealing $457,000 worth of copper

* Duo scams wire manufacturer and electric utilities: “The pair instructed three other men to pose as truck drivers for a legitimate shipping company. The trio picked up 129,000 pounds of copper wire from Southwire. But rather than bring it to Indiana, as the company expected, the men took it south to Florida and sold it.”

* Energy independence one of Conrad’s final priorities: Sen. Kent “Conrad (D-N.D.) said he’s also working with his colleagues to also craft a national energy policy that will reduce America’s dependence on undependable and insecure nations.”

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