29 years of service, a lifetime of memories

 From the August 2011 issue of the Dakota Valley News Magazine. By Kirsti Craig

Former chairman of Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative’s board of directors, Tom Mund, retired from his position at the 2011 annual meeting, held on June 9 in Milnor. In honor of his 29 years of service, we asked him to reflect on his role and relationship with Dakota Valley—a history that began with a child attending cooperative meetings with his family. That little boy didn’t know at the time that he would one day become president of his rural electric cooperative board, but we’re grateful he did.

“As a kid, I remember going to the RSR Electric Cooperative annual meetings. We were always involved as a family. We knew the linemen from church and the main offices for RSR were in Milnor, North Dakota, which is and has always been my hometown. My dad ran for the board in the early 1970s and lost. We’ve just always been interested.”

Mund, standing on the far right, with the RSR board of directors.

“I decided to run when Bob Lloyd was retiring in 1982. I was 33 years old. My wife Shirley and I had two young children—Teresa was nine, Scott was five. At the time our rates had been going up significantly and varied from month to month. I was very interested because I was an irrigator and was very affected by rate changes.”

“I’ll never forget my first board meeting. I was young, eager and new, so I of course arrived early. In fact, I was the first to arrive and had my choice of seats in the board room. My back was to the door. All of a sudden, I heard a brusque, deep voice behind me. ‘Tom, you’re sitting in my chair.’ It was Armand Tiegs, a fellow board member. He had such a gruff voice, and was a good-sized man. But he was such a soft, gentle person. I quickly moved to a different seat, and never made the same mistake again.” Continue reading


Meet the Board of Director candidates 2011

At March caucus meetings in three regions, Dakota Valley members chose candidates to be considered for election to the board of directors.   These candidates—along with others that may have submitted petitions after April 15 (the publications deadline), but before May 16 (the petition deadline) –will be running for re-election during the cooperative’s annual meeting at Milnor on June 9.   Continue reading

Three board candidates nominated at caucus meetings; petition process still open

Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative members will be receiving mail-in ballots or going to the polls when the cooperative holds director elections at the annual meeting in June.

Director positions in three districts are up for election this year.  At district caucus meetings in March, candidates were nominated at each of the meetings.  In District 2 of the West Region, incumbent director Richard Schlosser was nominated.  In District 1 of the Central Region, incumbent director Connie Bitz was nominated.  In District 1 of the East Region, Mathew Thompson was nominated and at this meeting incumbent director Thomas Mund stated that he was not running for another term.

While this completes the caucus nomination process, qualified members of Dakota Valley Electric may still become a candidate for election to the board by filing a petition.

Candidates nominated at the caucus or by petition will all have their names printed on the ballot which will be mailed out to members in the respective Regions prior to the annual meeting.

Members have the opportunity to vote by mail, with ballots sent out to all members in mid-May, or at the annual meeting which will be held June 9 at the Milnor Activity Center.

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